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I just want to be your tugboat captain.


When I was wee, and my mother was telling me about etiquette, she made sure to point out that religion and politics should never be discussed together, and neither of these were polite dinner conversation even on their own.

When I was an adolescent, I brought them up at family dinners whenever possible. The solution she came up with was giving me my own dinnertray in the kitchen, to which I could be sent if I were being too contentious.

I ate there pretty often.


i'm interested in the implications of non-metaphysical theology. not necessarily because it's good for theology (though it may be), but because it seems to be good for me. i like being from tacoma (like the truck, but instead of being a truck, it's a city. in washington.), and i like having lived in philadelphia and seattle, and i like being in chicago right now.